Proffesional Crewing Company

Professional crewing company

Most ship owners want to remain responsible for the commercial trading of their ships, but prefer to delegate day-to-day management. The crucial base to the smooth operation of any vessel always depends on carefully selected and well trained crews.

Crewing and consultancy servicing are the main activities of BLUE ARROW SERVICES Ltd. The company has set a high-level standard for quality. Our objectives are to render complete and cost-effective services to our customers regarding shipboard personnel.

The aim of crew management, our main activity, is to provide our clients with quality personnel through quality service leaving them freedom to concentrate on other aspects of ship operations.

Recruiting of seafarers is based on standards procedures with are defined in our Quality Management System which is in a process of certification. The recruitment process consists of: sourcing and maintaining data of applicants, selection and interview, processing in accordance with flag state required rules and regulations, pre-joining training and familiarization, monitoring of appraisal report in order to find space for improvement.

BLUE ARROU SERVICES  has developed a crew management package which relieves any owner of the workload connected with the manning of his vessels.

Crewing package:

- research of candidates from the labour market;

- selection the candidates according to the requirements of the shipowner;

- arrangements of the necessary qualification and travel documents;

- counseling(checking) on qualification and work experience of the personnel directed to work on board.

- arranging and booking flight trips to/ from vessel.

- rendering assistance in receiving Visas;

- Arrangements of the necessary medical examinations and drug and alcohol pre-joining tests.

 - Other agency services appointed by the shipowner.